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What is Fantasy BB?

Fantasy BB is an interactive game based on the TV show Big Brother. In the game, players create or join "leagues," which are groups of players (otherwise known as "league members"). Within leagues, each member takes turns choosing a houseguest from the current season of Big Brother to be on their team (or "roster"). This process is called "the draft". Once the draft is completed, the game begins.

From that point on, as each episode of Big Brother airs, league members earn points based on the actions of the houseguests within their roster. At the end of the season, the league member with the most points wins the game for that league.

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How do I join a league?

After creating an account, you will be taken to your dashboard. From your dashboard, you have two options: "Join a Public League" and "Create a Private League".

Joining a Public League

"Public Leagues" were designed for players who don't know other Big Brother fans. If you click the "Join a Public League" button you will be automatically placed into a league with other (randomly selected) Fantasy BB players. You can join up to 4 open leagues each day.

If players join an open league and then become inactive during the draft, Fantasy BB will automatically enable auto-draft for them. A member is considered inactive when it has been their turn to draft for over 8 hours.

Creating a Private League

"Private Leagues" were designed for players who have a group of friends, family members, or co-workers in real life that also watch Big Brother. Private leagues give you the option of inviting specific people to a league.

If you create a private league you become the "owner" of that league. League owners have a specific set of responsibilities, including sending out invitations to the other players and starting the draft after all players have responded to their invitations.

Sending Private League Invitations

Part of the responsibility of a private league owner is to send out invitations to the league. Invitations are sent via the invite link presented on your league dashboard.

Simply send the invite link to anyone you'd like via email, text message, etc and they will be given the option to either accept or decline the invitation.

Starting the Draft

An additional responsibility of the league owner is to start the draft for their league. This is done by clicking the "Start Draft" button that appears

Ideally, the draft should not be started until each invited league member has either accepted or declined their league invitation. Once the draft begins new members cannot be invited to the league, and any members who had not explicitly accepted their league invitation will be removed from the league.

How does the draft work?

A Fantasy BB league "draft" is the process during which each league member takes turns picking which Big Brother houseguests will comprise their roster. Each league member can choose one houseguest during each draft round, in an order that is randomly determined. The draft is a "snake style" draft, meaning that whoever picked last during one round will pick first during the next one.

The draft automatically ends once there are no more houseguests to choose from. If you were unable to get a houseguest you wanted on your roster, trades can be made proposed between league members during the season.

Trading Houseguests

League members have the option to trade houseguests during the season. This gives members the opportunity to add a houseguest to their roster that they were unable to pick during the draft.

To propose a trade, click the "Propose Trade" button on your league trade page. You will then be asked to select the houseguests you'd like to remove from your roster, and the houseguests you'd like to add to your roster in their place. Houseguests who have already been evicted cannot be traded. Once you propose a trade, the member who owns the houseguests you requested will be given the option to either accept or decline your proposal.

If your trade proposal is accepted, the traded houseguests will move between rosters at the end of the current week (a Fantasy BB "week" ends when a houseguest is evicted). You will not receive points earned by traded houseguests before they were on your roster, and likewise, you will not lose points earned by traded houseguests if you trade them.

If a trade is accepted, and one of the houseguests involved in the trade is evicted at the end of the week, the trade will be automatically canceled.

Earning Points

League members earn and lose "points" in Fantasy BB when houseguests on their roster make certain actions in the game. For instance, if a houseguest on your roster wins the Head of Household, you will earn points. If they are nominated for eviction, you will lose points.

Points are only earned or lost for actions that occur during the show. Actions that happen on the live feeds are considered irrelevant.

Below is an outline of the point system for Big Brother 25. Additions to the point system may be made as the season progresses.

Big Brother 25 Point System

Achievement Points
Nominated for Eviction -2
Named as Replacement Nominee -2
Lost Goo-Pocalypse Competition -2
Lost Puzzling Headlines Competition -2
Lost Kicking Butt Competition -2
Lost Hold on Fright Competition -2
Punished For Losing a Competition -1
Nether Region -1
Cannot Be Picked for Veto -1
Evicted 0
Expelled 0
Wins Luxury Competition 1
Wins a Prize 1
Voted into BB Power of Invincibility Competition 1
Removed from the Block 2
Uses Power of Veto 2
Wins Safety for the Week 2
Saved by Power of Veto (by themselves) 2
Final HOH Round 1 2
Final HOH Round 2 2
Wins Power of Veto 3
Final HOH Round 3 3
Survives Eviction Night on the Block 4
Wins Head of Household 5
Saved by Power of Veto (by someone else) 5
Eviction Canceled 5
Won BB Power of Invincibility 6
Re-enters the Game 8
Wins America's Favorite 10
Wins Second Place 12
Wins Big Brother 15
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